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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Maximum Impact

Maximum Dressing

There are lots of good things that are done to the maximum for example Pepsi max, Maxi Priest, Max from Eastenders... those cool Max crisps by Walkers, but then there are also very BAD things that come in maxi size..Always maxi pads, a maximum spend on your debit card and Fatman Scoop.

 It is with this same caution that I implore the women of the UK to treat the humble maxi dress. Such a beautiful creation, it was made for long hot summer days spent picking strawberries and riding bikes in meadows with loved ones. (when was the last time you actually saw a meadow though?) That is of course before shops like ATLANTIC and RISKY (For goodness sake guys the warning is in the name!) got wind of it! Now we just have eyesores offending my iris’ on a daily basis.

Where is the law that says you have to wear the purple flip flops with the purple maxi dress and purple bangles and a purple nipple piercing, which I could just about stomach if it wasn’t topped with a purple weave    worn by a woman eating a purple beetroot! 

Ok so the last bit was a lie but you get my drift?


I just wish people would bear this in mind before this simplest of pleasures is ripped scornfully from the hands of fashion loving individuals like you and I!

SO..this is how you do it....

http://blazerwhore.blogspot.com/ cheating on her blazer

Me on the hunt for some car parts...

A wonderful example of effortless chic.

And THIS is why you do NOT by clothes from Atlantic Clothing...


Aaaah, now that is out of my system I can continue telling you about the fabulous people I found out and about in the streets of London making me proud!
Here is just a selection of the finest...

Obviously has FABULOUS taste in shoes...and in life generally!

More gorgeousness

I don't know who this mystery lady is but she does look cool....and very familiar....

and here she is again just scoping out some fruit.....

I hope we have learned an important lesson here folks...

Just say no to drugs....oh and don't abuse your maxi dress privileges!


  1. i really wish this didn't make me laugh...maxi pads aize? really?

  2. also this waist coat, i mean i've seen it somewhere before...