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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Shoe'd I or Shoe'd I not?!?

Shoe’d I or Shoe’d I not?

Guys...I have had my eye on these little puppies for a while and then pay day hit! Boom! Had to have them. Got them home and started to question my new summer boots -a concept which to this day baffles...it is less a juxtaposition of interesting ideas and more just kinda stupid!

However I must say, these boots have me just as prepared to take on the Al Queda insurgents as it does to take me to the shops on a fairly warm day and I do like to push the envelope.


Is it a yes to floral military chic?

That is a really interesting building that I have suddenly noticed behind me...

All hay-fever sufferers look away now! 

What ever happened to lifts?

Or do you prefer things short and sweet?

Before the shoe-down...HA!

 Bzzzzzzz bzzzzzz

Spare foot anyone?

Shoe boot thingy's Primark

Socks- New Look?

T-Shirt - a funky shop in Carnaby Street

Shorts - Topshop

Flower - A bush

Handbag- Primark

Floral dress- Cannot remember

Bangles - 'all over the place mate!'


  1. you're not ok. but the shoes are so keep them. plus i want to borrow....

  2. love the boots!

  3. those shoes r too hot and i shall be gettin them! they look even cuter with the socks. Wonder if they will be wearable come winter time tho??

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