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Monday, 26 March 2012


Hot dress, hot heels, mild day. Why not?!?

I am in LOVE with the dress that yes, you've guessed it, I stole from my sister. It is very classic and very Calvin Klein and by jove, I think it is just plain spiffing! Let me know what you all are thinking!

Been checking out some blogs recently and I am on the look out for a new blog crush, any suggestions, please let me know and i'll be sure to check y'all out!

Do you know what else is grey though? 5am gym which is where I'm headed after the weekend of stuffing  light meals my loving mother had me eating this weekend. 

Love ya Ma! 

Dress: Calvin Klein
Heels: New Look
Bag: Topshop


  1. That dress is lovely & and thanks for commenting on my blog.


  2. i just found your blog and it is totally awesome
    i am now following
    please check out my blog and follow back if you like :)


  3. great dress!You are really pretty!