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Wednesday, 26 January 2011


This is what is known as a quick outfit post......

Got to dash, exams are looming


Bag - an amazingly lovely Christmas present
Cardigan - ASOS
Dress - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - again from the marvellous people in my life, check out the marvellousness here
Necklace - gifted/stolen from the above.


Friday, 21 January 2011

When I said it people called ME crazy....

*SIGH* Ri- Ri, i thought we had a talk about this ?????

I suppose everybody (and their highly-paid hair stylists) is entitled to make their own life choices.

As we are throwing ideas around, how about you go for a short blonde fro?

Just a thought....

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Soooomewhere inside my nail bag.........

In amidst the winter blues and insolvency procedure rules, I have found 'happiness in my nail bag.

You really must understand that there is a thin line between happiness and psychosis....

It really is the little things...

What do you MEAN I have a workshop  in a few hours? Why so judgemental???

I'd like to thank my inspiration Mrs Joker. You're my GIRL!


Tuesday, 11 January 2011

18 + 5

Hey guys,

It was my birthday today! I KNOW right? Excitement galore...I got so many gorgeous prezzies (all of which will be posted in due course- can anybody say KG's?) from so many gorgeous people I felt like a Disney princess.

As my brother kindly pointed out to me this morning, I am erm, 'getting on a bit' so what does this mean for my wardrobe? Should I start wearing girdles everyday (as opposed to on special occasions when I decide to buy a size 10 body con only to discover that the real con is my non-Nicole Scherzinger abdominal muscles)? Should I wear longer skirts? Should I stop thinking that bow-ties are an acceptable fashion accessory for the Summertime? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!! Any answers/suggestions are welcomed.

Until that time, I am going to post a few pics of me at my house  library. Wearing my favourite pair of boots ever alongside my new favourite Forever 21 hat and a candy-striper-esque top from H&M. You really have GOT to love the January sales.

Boots - gifted from the boyfriend

Leggings - gifted from my baby bro

Top - H&M

Hat - Forever 21

Cardigan - Gifted from Mumzipoos

Earrings - Topshop

Friday, 7 January 2011

Hey ya!

I’ve been a bad girl, a very, VERY bad girl....although in my defence, I had exams and then I was ill, then it was New Year so you really are going to have to forgive me. To make up for my absence I have prepared a review of my fashion highs and lows of 2010 and also my inspirations and resolutions for 2011.

As Crystal Renn has shown us, it is apparently not acceptable to be overweight and so I am going to try my damndest to be slim and trim by March ( however, considering I got a GREAT deal on tortellini at Morrissons, I give it 3 days)

She looks abso-frickin-lutely gorgeous in these shots for Jimmy Choo *sigh* #movestubof icecreamawayfromlaptop #attemptstodoasitup

and again for Zac Posen

Nicki Minaj has taught us that lace body stockings should be reserved for strippers and well erm, yeah just for strippers. However if my tummy was that flat I would also...erm well no I wouldn’t but I would be very happy J. My resolution for 2011? Wear lace in moderation. I must say that I am a fan of her other outfit, maybe just with a skirt....?

I must ruffle more, in dresses, the hair of random passer’s by, covered in chocolate – ruffle/truffle same thing. These beautiful dresses by Christian Sirianos for his Spring Summer 2011 collection are simply beautiful.

I must find and embrace my inner Motherland....

I must be nicer to others, even when I have had a really bad day and have accidentally stepped in dog poo (whilst wearing my favourite boots) and missed two buses because bus drivers are evil and my oyster card (which costs frickin £20 million now) has stopped working.

SMILE! – It really REALLY could be worse.


and a fantastic and prosperous 2011!