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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Last of the Summer Shine.... (sad face)

Alas it is almost certainly the last day of the summer so OBVIOUSLY instead of doing my tax reading, I hit the park instead....It didn't do anything to me I'm just violent like that!

Anyway, I realised I am a little bit like a magpie, i like big shiny pretty things (such as this top) that I hide in my nest (my wardrobe). Strange, but what is a girl to do? 

It was quite a find from non other than Ebay, i put in a joke bid and it was accepted! Fantastic I know! I had a similar one that got stolen   i graciously gave to my mother. It was the whole 'she carried me in the womb for 9 months' line that she pulled!!

Oooh before I go I must reinforce to the world that apparently an auction i.e. ebay is a 'legally binding contract.' As a law student I OBVIOUSLY knew that.... :-S ....Sorry 'puppy20094eva'

Do you have any hilarious/slightly illegal ebay stories to tell....?

Top: Ebay
Shorts: Armani 
Shoes: Barrats
Bag: Primark

Embrace the braid

I braided my hair because I couldn't deal with the stress of trying to look like Kelly Rowland every morning. I unfortunately have too many books to read. I am embracing my Nefertiti, Lauryn Hill (insert afrocentric female here) thing...now if only I could sing....I could make a few buck singing outside a station on the Northern Line somewhere... 

 I also cannot seem to let go of my summer shorts or shoes despite the fact that I had the annual summer/winter wardrobe re-jig....It is truly a calamitous turn of events. I promise I will stop posting them erm sometime erm soon....OK late October MAX or as soon as frostbite becomes a real concern!

What can you not let go of....?

This is my Naomi

Here I am wishing someone would buy  me new summer shoes 

This is my 'i'm tired from the library face'

Jumper: I bought during the summer but have no clue where from
Shorts: Brick lane
Shoes: i think you already know
Bag: River Island
Bangles: Collected over the years, I actually found the cream one under my bed two nights ago

P.S if anybody wants to contact me I will be putting up an email address soon. Or if you just can't wait 'holla at me' in a comment...although hollering is for wolves....


Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Today I'm wearing...

Armani exchange shorts

Vintage knitwear

Zara brogues

River Island Bag

Primark headband

Soon to  be wearing pneumonia....where did Summer run away to?!?!?

Answers on a postcard to:

PO Box
1T I5 
Blooming Cold
United Kingdom
The World


Morning has broken....

So you are saying I have to supplement this law degree with more studying.....? OK...let's go!

6:45 am





7:50 am...uh oh

8:00 am PHEW!!

8:45 am

8:50 am

9:00 am

9:03 am

9:10 am

9:37 am

Monday, 13 September 2010

Mad Hatter

Oh guys, how I have missed you all, (yeah even you in the corner playing scrabble). I have not forsaken you, I started law school last week so as you can imagine, this is one stressed out blogeuse! (yeah i made up a word, if you had to learn about  the partnership act 1890 then you would make words up too).

I fully appreciate that I have been slacking with the blog of late...must try harder. Would stay and chat but I have 2 chapters and an 'i tutorial' to read before the morn!

Lots of love,kisses, and other physical manifestations of affection...enjoy!

P.s ignore the link to the post i put up recently, I deleted the first one but will re-post as soon as i have time!

P.p.s. don't you love the hat? I made the man in the store re-open just so that I could have it!!!

P.p.p.s, I am going through a sock phase, like I have so many if you see me trying to purchase another pair, inform the relevant authorities....Interpol maybe?

Top: i forget (as in I can't remember, it isn't a funky designer brand)
Shorts: Brick Lane
Hat: Vintage
Shoes: Barratts (are they in administration now?)
Socks: H&M