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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Last of the Summer Shine.... (sad face)

Alas it is almost certainly the last day of the summer so OBVIOUSLY instead of doing my tax reading, I hit the park instead....It didn't do anything to me I'm just violent like that!

Anyway, I realised I am a little bit like a magpie, i like big shiny pretty things (such as this top) that I hide in my nest (my wardrobe). Strange, but what is a girl to do? 

It was quite a find from non other than Ebay, i put in a joke bid and it was accepted! Fantastic I know! I had a similar one that got stolen   i graciously gave to my mother. It was the whole 'she carried me in the womb for 9 months' line that she pulled!!

Oooh before I go I must reinforce to the world that apparently an auction i.e. ebay is a 'legally binding contract.' As a law student I OBVIOUSLY knew that.... :-S ....Sorry 'puppy20094eva'

Do you have any hilarious/slightly illegal ebay stories to tell....?

Top: Ebay
Shorts: Armani 
Shoes: Barrats
Bag: Primark


  1. your shoes would have been very appropriate for my outfit today.

    can i have them?

    i think it's high time my wardrobe started benefitting from this friendship....

  2. i just nominated you for the awardy thing. but you know this already