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Monday, 31 May 2010

Nude Dress..... (the new jean)

Now for many a gal the modest jean is the staple item. Sort of like the Weetabix at a Travelodge Hotel, unassuming, versatile and great with cream. But what about the girl who just wants her legs to run free, the girl who doesn’t want to slap her leg when she has an itch because the skinny jeans are too tight? That girl who loves the concept but loathes the constriction? Well her prayers have been answered in the form of the nude dress. Now let’s face it on me it really is just a light peach but I digress. Well having gotten paid last week, I followed my basic instinct (get it) and went to make that purchase. Here I have the results to show you. I have ‘modelled’ two looks in the post below, Old Mother Hubbard (herein referred to as OMH and Leather and Lace a.k.a L&L....enjoy and comment. Oh and perv on real designer nude dresses!