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Monday, 31 May 2010


Who....told me that I should do a law degree when my heart is so deeply rooted in the wondrous adventure that is fashion? Where vision meets craftsmanship, where colour espouses fabric and pattern philanders dangerously with texture and then there’s the shoes! Whoever they were, they didn’t want me to be happy, but lucky for you I decided to seize the shoe by its heels (if that is even the phrase) and enjoy it anyway... Now I am by no means a seasoned fashion expert nor do I claim to be able to design or construct the objects of my desire (although with the help of a few crafty friends I do like to try my hand at the odd customisation or two) but I do have quite a penchant for a good heel and a sparkle.

What....is my personal style? Well ladies and gents I would have to say that I really don’t have one. I could be lounging around in Valentino and big shades one minute la Zoe Saldana, (actually that is a dirty lie I have ONE Valentino dress which I bought and am a little bit scared to wear it in case Valentino himself catches me and says I am not wearing it properly) and I am just as comfortable in a ‘thrift’ store looking through bales of vintage attire (some people call it old shit but one man's shit is another man's cardigan).

Where...would you find me? Sipping lattes and doing other frightfully exciting things in between the 9 to 5 of course which (just about) pays my rent. Haggling with ‘retailers’ in various markets all across London and befriending street vendors in the hope of a free packet of buttons for my fast growing button empire.

When....do I get time for such foolishness and frivolity? Well you can always make time for the pretty and pointless things in life. A life spent without the excitement of the fabulous, leaves you just that little bit less happy and probably looking like Sarah Brown (...and people think that the Labour Party policy is the reason they didn’t win). Aside from that I am on a crusade to destroy the myth that law students have to look dry, dull and like they just stepped out of a Littlewoods catalogue. I am not legally blonde but I am legally allowed to drink and vote....yay me!

Why....well why not eh? You are only young once. When I’m 60 and wrinkled I can say to my grandkids that actually cycling shorts weren’t always made for cycling, they are also a funky alternative to leggings and leggings, well they were the coolest invention since the wheel.......

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