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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Laced in dreams

Ooooh, it’s winter and what does winter mean....minus two degrees, having to wrestle with the door in the morning because the locks are frozen shut, having to wear military boots with everything, whether it looks nice or not, having to almost hug bus drivers when they arrive at the bus stop for saving you from the cold, having to buy long johns, suddenly not being allowed to eat ice cream, mysteriously putting on half a stone even though your eating habits seemingly haven’t changed.....

But on the plus side....you can eat apple pie and custard without judgment, your over the knee socks finally seem like an extremely prudent purchase (even if you can only wear them underneath your over the knee boots, which goes underneath your over the knee dress and your over the ankle coat).
Most importantly though...you can wear lace. It is rather a fave of mine (although the queen of lace is in-fact http://blazerwhore.blogspot.com/ )  however I rarely get the urge to wear it except when embracing my inner Marie Antoinette during the winter months. It seems I am in good company with Valentino, Dolce and Gabbana and Cavalli showcasing lace for the fall, i think I might be on to a winner! Now all I need to do is stop pretending that the cooker is a radiator and I will have a fabo winter!

 I layered a dress thingy over a lace skirt and wore the shoes that my mum kindly fixed for me and I felt like such an innovator...then I just had to go to the library and all of my happiness vanished.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Woah nah-nah...you didn't

Dear Ri-Ri,

I am writing with regards to your latest music video. Now I must point out that I really have been patient with you...when you told me to ask my ‘rude boy’ if it was ‘big enough’ I obliged because I was under the assumption that you were talking about his Curriculum Vitae...turns out you REALLY weren’t. I reprimanded Chris for his shocking actions the last time I saw him...Ok, Ok I may not have actually SEEN him but I reprimanded his ‘run it’ video. I even let you off when you wore that almost cool, almost not Victor and Rolf dress and when ‘te amo’ came out I didn’t judge your lifestyle choices. It is safe to say I have been very nice to you...up until now that is!!!

Of all the jackets in all the towns in all the world, you had to wear mine....but with half fishnets, gym shorts and heels? Are you going to a yoga class in the dark recesses of the red light district in Amsterdam? Is that the best you and your stylists could come up with? Because seriously now that everybody is going to ask ME why I am copying YOU despite the fact that I got this jacket in November last year the least you could’ve done is worn a nice outfit....I am disappointed at best and devastated at worst....shame on you.

P.S. we will have to talk about that hair another time. Needless to say I don't think that you should take hair inspiration from Sideshow Bob....

Warmest regards,




Hmmm, i'd look like that too if a fisherman had left his net in my 'hair'!

Saturday, 20 November 2010


Things I have been loving this week.....

Tom Ford's return to Womenswear

My cream tights

Wearing mis-matched colours at train stations

 Drinking over-priced coffee in the morning

Lanvin for H&M

Things that I am hating this week

The fact that this is how I look after spending five minutes outside

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Copper-load of this!

Looking back at these pictures it seems that it was an exercise in seeing just how many items I could have on one outfit. I was trying to be cool and warm at the same time. (HAHA! cool and warm)

I've decided..... I like it, although I am well aware it doesn't quite tap into this season's minimalist trend quite as well as it could, sorry Chloe!

I must say these tights really do provoke some interesting reactions from the general public.I don't know what is more worrying, the fact that they think I would just have no clothes on in arctic weather or the fact that they think I have some sort of copper coloured skin disease that only affects my legs....*sigh* 

I am going shopping today. The ol' wardrobe needs a re-re-vamp methinks...watch this space. 

I haven't had any time to actually keep up with the trends of late so please comment and update my knowledge bank. 

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