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Sunday, 25 July 2010

And then there was the photoshoot.....

Having channelled my inner John Lennon I decided to channel my inner edgy supermodel...let us give her a name...Penelope Firewood because she combines all the best parts of London with the gritty Nigerian villager mentality....Sasha Fierce Sasha Smeirce!!

I think I am SOOO edgy I might just fall off the edge...it's a good job I have this gate to hang on to....

P.s. if anybody feels like buying me some new shoes please get in touch...i think I may have to give these a rest!!!

Waistcoat: seriously don't know
Shoes & vest : Primark
Harem trousers: Bershka
Necklace: Debenhams
Hat: The other thing I need to stop wearing...
Graffiti - Overzealous arty types!  

Styling & Photographs : Mr Sass, I think he did quite well actually....

Follow the yellow Brick Lane...

Now guys I don’t want you to judge me but I have a confession to make...I have lived in London for close to 4 years but I have never been to Brick Lane...before you all start hurling eggs at your computer screens, nobody ever took me and I am really very bad with geography...and I had lectures?

Not convinced? Neither was I so on Saturday I went on an adventure and found it. It was like a giant sweet shop filled with vintage goodies. Needless to say I felt like Jordan at a plastic surgeon’s office....EXCITED and as well as picking up a few groovy vintage pieces, I took loads of photos, channelled my inner John Lennon and skipped merrily down the lane....

Time for some detective work......

Now Watson...this is very pretty but as there are a shortage of meadows in the UK I can not REALISTICALLY purchase a picnic basket.


Oooh, this is cute...what do you mean I haven't been paid yet?!? Fiddlesticks!

Vintage, Vintage...


 Who thinks I can get away with this bad boy at a law firm? Well how else am I going to store those important documents?

It is almost like I am John Lennon..except the whole melanin/oestrogen thing....

Somewhere over the rainbow...the vintage lies....

Ooooooh pretty dress!!!!

Now I am off to see Phil Mitchell....

He MUST be down here somewhere....

No! It is just another vintage sale!!!!!!

To be continued......

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Gradu - and - clothes

With everyone graduating I am feeling rather nostalgic and thought I would share my graduation memories with you lovely people....who am I kidding 80% of the reason I went was so that I could get dressed up!! Oh yes and the whole 'finishing of the degree' thing

Apparently though my mum thought it was her graduation and bought an ENTIRELY new very expensive outfit...

Maybe she thought she was graduating from Motherhood or just graduating from using an A to Z to using a tom-tom to drive to London...either way sort it out Mummy thunder-stealer!

Having a winter graduation is kinda like having a winter wedding...it’s different in a ‘Posh and Becks’ wedding sort of way...although unlike the Beckhams I chose not to wear plum and gold and decided to NOT have the Spice Girls at the reception.

Enough of all this chatter now...time for the CLOTHES!!

Waiting...waiting..what shall we do?...I know...POSE!

Not feeling it then Mum...no? Ok!

And then this is what happened when I told her to do an impression of Naomi Campbell.....

But she knew she secretly wanted to join in...

This is clearly an ideal location for a couture shot...I AM wearing Vivien Westwood afterall...

Obviously the guys had to represent!
 What do you mean they don't look like they want to be here....? 
Say cheese now boys!!!!

and here is my impression of Storm from the X-men....you will never know how I control the waves....mwhahahahahaha

I bet you Storm does not have a cute clutch like I do though!!!

Black dress: Guilt gift from Mummizzle
Belt: Mum's
Shoes: Mum's (apparently I cannot be trusted to make sensible graduation footwear choices....)
Clutch: My sister's
Degree LLB (hons) ALL MINE!!!!!


Thursday, 15 July 2010

Marilyn Gung-ho

Ok so rant over I am just going to stop in and do a very quick post for you guys....apparently this whole 'law' thing requires actual attention....meh!!! or Awful Chat as my friend would say!

Here I am thinking I look cool despite the fact that I am wearing a shell belt!!! But look at all the pretty colours?!

Here I am thinking I am in SATC 

This is me doing Sex and the Windy....

This is what happens when your photographer calls himself Mr Sass

This is a me having a fight with the wind and losing....miserably. Unfortunately one too many Londoners got quite an eyeful on their commute home.

Twit twooo!

Of course I am Marilyn...if Marilyn was a black 22 year old who is supposed to be doing training contract applications!

Shirt - Vintage

Skirt - Gift

Jacket - Gift (via Miss Selfridge)

Belt (H&M in 2006)

Bangles: assorted places that REALLY can't remember right now!

Bracelets - gift from my baby brother

Shoes Barratts (in 2006)

Bag - Hustled from a market stall for a bargain price..

Background: London town baby!!!!


You're 'avin a laugh Dave...

I was just trying to have a photoshoot...

Now guys I am a fun loving chappette just like the next girl but every once in a while my ‘aiz’ get filled with rage and as you are on this page right now just to look through them I thought I would share.

So there is me ‘la la la’ reading the paper waiting for my photoshoot/ 3 pictures taken in Oxford Circus and I come across an article detailing the government’s new plans fora more "progressive" system of funding”.
Today Vince Cable the business secretary and “everybody’s fave politician” set out new plans to introduce a ‘graduate tax’

I would have stopped reading at this point but then Vincey boy went on to say that...

Higher graduate contributions are the "only possible way forward" to make the higher education system fairer and sustainable for the future.

This stupid ‘fair’  graduate tax however specifically targets law students, medics and those looking to enter the Investment Banking sector.

Have I missed something? What the frick is wrong with this country? How can there be a seemingly constant attack on those people wanting to achieve and succeed in life? This will surely only serve as a deterrent to any type of aspiration for all but the snootily rich.

How can such a preposterous piece if buffoonery seriously be masquerading as a real political plan??!!!

Tuition fees currently stand at £3,225 per year but obviously that wasn't bad enough. Under these new proposals, graduates would not take out loans to pay tuition fees, but will instead pay a premium depending on their earnings once they are working.

I was to say the least a little perturbed and have only one thing to say but unfortunately it REALLY cannot be repeated on this blog!

And by the way Vince...have you tried getting a training contract in the worst recession since the 1930s?....Nope? 

Didn’t think so! 

Sunday, 11 July 2010

All tied up!

I did it! I managed to wear a bow-tie without looking like a waitress/Ellen Degeneres....OK maybe a little waitressy but that would be one funky kind of work outfit...(River Island take note).

I have wanted a bow tie for some time now and to my utter glee *PING* I spotted this yellow baby on one of my Vintage hauls. OBVIOUSLY my twin sister blazerwhore.blogspot.com gave me a look of disbelief/genuine concern but eventually put the purchase down to my “unique” sense of style.

So my pride is complete. The bow tie is cute if a little restrictive and I am quite happy. Although i am not going to lie...it will have limited application in a wardrobe full of floral dresses

I do try and stay well away from androgyny as it is a VERY difficult one to pull off especially when you don’t have an excuse i.e. your sexuality or being Grace Jones.
Let me know what you think guys...should I bow out now??? 

I must say there was some truly smashing photography taking place today courtesy of Mr Sass!

Bow-tie: Vintage

Shirt : Ted Baker

Shorts: Vintage 

Belt&Shoes : Primark

Centre Parting: Blazerwhore

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Bowing out!

GUYS and girls!!!!

I got my 'Janelle Monae' on this week and bought a bow tie....I know you can’t wait to see it neither can I...outfit pics to follow!

In case you don't know who Janelle Monae is...check her out here!! 

Although you really should...she was in Vogue!!

I have also decided to get into customising/ making clothes...

OH no I lied- i sew buttons on clothes sometimes....nice buttons though...

 However my gorgeous, fashionable and talented friend Ekaete Inyang designer, co creator of ROOR (Renaissance of our Roots) and resident fine girl has vowed to help me make at least one tribal triumph....watch this space-but until it is filled check out their collection at

And she really does look this lovely everyday. I have accessory/figure/general envy on a daily basis. One day I will actually get her to ACTUALLY pose for me! Until then....

Here is the bag that I am going to steal from her

And the bracelets....do you think she will notice?

I will be stealth like cat woman.....