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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Uh Oh the Sun's out again!

28 degrees celcius does not a working day make! So as usual I decided to rebel and be fashion’s very own  Che Guevara. Dress down Friday? Try and stop me!

Here I am with my very own copy of the Law Gazette quite a riveting read I must say!

I have slightly fallen in love with this waistcoat and really must just STOP wearing it! 


Here I am getting my Naomi Campbell on....no? She didn't do a shoot just like this?

I'm 'smising'/the bin men were taking the bins away....

I am so elusive and mysterious even the camera can't catch me properly!

In fact it seems I have a waistcoat obsession generally as you can see here and here.
Oh well ‘waist not want not’ HA!

Moving on...
My lovely and wonderful sister (LOVE YOU!) and I went shopping last week and picked up a few choice pieces...this cool New York top being one. Although it also serves as a devastating taunt as I have actually never been to New York (although every other member of my family has) so why would they write it twice on my top? TWICE!!

Oh well Donna and I (My Donna Karen bag) console each other. She makes me look good and I fill her with goodies.

Much like an ugly footballer and a glamour model

On the subject of my sister who lives in Portsmouth....It is always good when non Londoners shop in London....I imagine it to be the same as when Victoria Beckham sees a buffet when there are no cameras around, unadulterated joy.

Much like Bruce and Sheila here!

First Outfit:

Dress - topshop

Waistcoat - H&M to find out more interesting H&M news check out  lawadlibitum.blogspot.com//2010/07/h-at-home-long-awaited-launch-online.html

Sandals (fought for) at Primark

Hairband....who knows?

Bag- Market stall

ADHD - as a result of the hot weather.

Second outfit

Top H&M

Skirt - Primark

Shoes - Barratts

Pearls - A gift from my little brother - it's love!

Orange ring - Market stall

Bag DKNY - gift from the one and only mumsy!

Log courtesy of Streatham Park

Centre parting can also be seen on my twin sister http://blazerwhore.blogspot.com/

Except the part where we are sisters.....!!!!!!

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