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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

That's sooo fashionable!


A few days ago I was having  a conversation with one of my very wise friends. T’was quite deep, although I am not sure to what extent the fruity rosé that he brought round contributed to that depth...I am willing to bet quite a lot, particularly as I had survived on ice cream and a prayer for the whole day...but it really was bursting with the flavours of summer...mmmmm, strawberries....

Ahem...sorry about that, as I was saying we got to talking about fashion (obviously) and he put forward an extremely valid point. In these modern times in the advent of celebrity, internet and just general outrage fashion seems to have turned into just another medium with which to build notoriety, to shock just for the sake of it. 

An obvious example would be lady gaga to whom I attribute 200% of the blame however, unfortunately we have less obvious examples- Rihanna nobody is saying don’t sing just put your coochie coo away and Christina...I think your genie might have escaped, put it back in the bottle or we will have to give it an asbo! 

Estelle unfortunately does not have ANY excuses....

Unfortunately for people who love fashion as an art-form it has become less about beautiful creativity and more about things like this

 Splash holy water here

Insert therapist here
Dad issues? What dad issues?

Here we have some old school attention seeking from Liz Hurley!

This is not to be confused with hating, just genuine astonishment. Unfortunately however the nature of life is such that these acts of indecency are applauded and even celebrated!

So for all of you original lovers of clothes...you know those things that make you feel pretty and look good here is a small selection of true fashion icons/designers who prove that fashion is fleeting but style is forever...We salute you! Put that in your suspender and smoke it!!!

Oscar de la Renta 2010

Audrey Hepburn

Chanel Cruise Collection 2010

Here we have the mum's choice Princess Di and erm i suppose Mother T is reppin as hard as you can in a white bed sheet.

Diane von Furstenberg 2010

Chanel 2010


That will be all for now guys and remember to stay fabulous 



  1. I totally agree, Lady Gaga is particularly bad, fashion is about clothes, when you take the clothes off then there is no fashion.

  2. So true, it makes no sense to me, now every red carpet event seems to have one z lister desperately replacing fashion with fanny for a few lines in some gossip rag.

  3. ive seen so many blogs but this one really stands out, i really love your work so keep it up, i see a bright future.

  4. But what did mother T ever do to you?

  5. Why thank you princess, you should follow!

    @Nicola I think you will find I gave her a shout out. There are not that many ladies of that age that could rock a shawl like that.

    And if you look closely you will see that she is rocking the socks and sandals thing looong before Alexa Chung was....