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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Marilyn Gung-ho

Ok so rant over I am just going to stop in and do a very quick post for you guys....apparently this whole 'law' thing requires actual attention....meh!!! or Awful Chat as my friend would say!

Here I am thinking I look cool despite the fact that I am wearing a shell belt!!! But look at all the pretty colours?!

Here I am thinking I am in SATC 

This is me doing Sex and the Windy....

This is what happens when your photographer calls himself Mr Sass

This is a me having a fight with the wind and losing....miserably. Unfortunately one too many Londoners got quite an eyeful on their commute home.

Twit twooo!

Of course I am Marilyn...if Marilyn was a black 22 year old who is supposed to be doing training contract applications!

Shirt - Vintage

Skirt - Gift

Jacket - Gift (via Miss Selfridge)

Belt (H&M in 2006)

Bangles: assorted places that REALLY can't remember right now!

Bracelets - gift from my baby brother

Shoes Barratts (in 2006)

Bag - Hustled from a market stall for a bargain price..

Background: London town baby!!!!



  1. Why thank you very much...it was not as sexy as it looks though...there were lots of angry looking commuters giving me evils and confused tourists asking me for directions to Trafalgar square..

  2. the outfit is fabulous, its simple and it works!

  3. the outfit once again is fab!

    you are however, a really strange child