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Friday, 22 October 2010

Treat em green keep 'em well, erm green....

Today I wore leggings as part of my 'i just don't care I don't have class for a week and it's a Friday' state of mind. BAD MOVE! It seriously highlighted to me that I am looking more ‘heffer’ than ‘Schiffer’ i am putting on weight, piling on the pounds, carrying a bit, looking a bit cuddly, letting myself go, am a few steps closer to a heart attack ...and I blame law school (not the tub of ‘knock off'  Ben&Jerry’s ice-cream in front of me- which I must say is uber -yumcious and I really might stock up on it whilst it is on special offer).

 ANYWAY... Back to my woes...these really are unfortunate times. Let me explain, if I have a bad day I compensate with bad food or shopping. Unfortunately for me on the LPC every day is a bad day and due to a severe lack of funds and the fact that I am currently embroiled in an ongoing dispute with ASOS (again) I have had to indulge in the former. Now, there are multiple opportunities to lament into a muffin or cry into a cafe latte.  Thus I am going to post some pre-sadness photos of one of my favourite dresses re-vamped for the arctic chill.

I  have already expressed my sock problem to all of you here and to my dismay none of you have tried to stop me. You’ll all be sorry when I cut eye-holes into them, put them over my head and come and stand outside your bedroom windows at night.

 I shall be called.....SOCKRATES...the toe raider.

Ooooh, p.s. I am on what we law students call ‘consolidation week’ which means I have no classes but does still mean I have no life...I will endeavour to increase my blogging rate!

P.p.s, that watch isn't mine, if I could afford a Raymond Weil i probably wouldn't even bother doing an LPC

Loves  ya  muchly!!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

I call her Brenda..

Today I looked liked a Scottish Pirate Barmaid. Her name is Brenda.

Here is Brenda walking down some stairs

She cadnae look any more like a poser

Here is Brenda looking smoulderingly into the camera

Here is Brenda taking some wee orders from the other pirates
(for haggis mainly)

Eventually though Brenda had to go home to the moors where the other wee lasses were waiting....

Top : Primark
Skirt H&M
Bag: River Island
Accessories: Assorted
Waistcoat: I know my mum has not even noticed it is missing....

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Lies and Deceit....

Picture the scene, it's a Saturday morning, all you have to look forward to is the library. You've checked the weather report from four different sources and have been assured that England will be 'basking in unseasonably warm temperatures' something of an 'Indian summer'.Filled with anticipation and delight at the fact that it is October and not -15 degrees celcius you don a pair of shorts (obviously) a silk top, a whimsical jacket...Sure you look fly 'aint no-one can tell you nuthin- nuh-uh.

But then as the icy chill sweeps across your bare knees you realise...............


now you are just cold....

The End

I just realised that these shorts make me look like I am in my second tri-mester....time to let go????

*No weathermen were hurt in the making of this blog post

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Piano garden

Guys, I’m tired, you know the latent tiredness that sits just behind the eyes. The type that 6 and a half hours sleep just won’t cure, the fall asleep on the bus,  nearly fall into your coffee, people are talking but you can’t quite hear them kinda tired. I am Nytol!

Unfortunately for me I refuse to pay £3.45 for ‘energy boosting’ smoothies and I don’t want to ingest ginseng, pomegranate or jojoba (mainly because I am not trying to add body and shine to my intestines) or any other new fangled hoity-toity power drinks, i just want my mum’s (highly calorific) hot chocolate and I just want to be free.
Below are a few pictures of me in my lpc-induced prison cell. I am wearing an adaptation the original burglar uniform- something new for 2010....very Chanel....No?

This last picture of me was taken using CCTV.... In the bag is a lifetime's supply of staplers and blu tac....ah, the loot of the library.

Friday, 1 October 2010

I'm walking on sunshine....almost

GUYS! I have been nominated for a Sunshine Award - hurrah! I know I am a leeeeeeetle bit late on the response but seriously I'm quite chuffed. I even wore yellow scarf today to represent the sunshine!

The rules of the award are as follows :
  • You must post the award's logo in a post or on your blog
  • Nominate 10-12 other bloggers
  • Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they've been nominated
  • Share the love and link the person who nominated you

1. blazerwhore because she held a gun to my head! NOT! It is actually because her blog is quite hilarious she makes me want to dress like a grand-parent and she takes amazing pictures of fruits.

2. thepastimebliss because they are like ben and jerry's ice cream and belgian style waffles- great separately and even better together!

3. limzloveslife.blogspot.com because she makes you think about things important things in life like families and trees. She wants to Save the World from itself ....Oh yeah and she went to Kenya.
4. soldierbarbie.blogspot.com because her words are inspirational

5. lawadlibitum.blogspot.com because it is fashion and law and make-up and topshop and politics in easy to use compact blog-sized chunks

6. myheartisinnyc.blogspot.com because my heart is also in New York but nobody wants to take me there. It is like some sort of conspiracy....

7. grumpyoldyoungwoman.blogspot.com because she says what I am thinking in the same accent that I use in my head (Nigerian)

8. http://adebisigabriel.wordpress.com/ because she is floetic.

9. www.parismostwanted.com because i secretly want to be French.

10. Iwanttosleepnow.com so I am going to stop now

I shall do all the commenting another time! Company law looms!!!!

Once again merci and dalu!! (thanky poos)!