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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Lies and Deceit....

Picture the scene, it's a Saturday morning, all you have to look forward to is the library. You've checked the weather report from four different sources and have been assured that England will be 'basking in unseasonably warm temperatures' something of an 'Indian summer'.Filled with anticipation and delight at the fact that it is October and not -15 degrees celcius you don a pair of shorts (obviously) a silk top, a whimsical jacket...Sure you look fly 'aint no-one can tell you nuthin- nuh-uh.

But then as the icy chill sweeps across your bare knees you realise...............


now you are just cold....

The End

I just realised that these shorts make me look like I am in my second tri-mester....time to let go????

*No weathermen were hurt in the making of this blog post


  1. love the jacket. its so pretty. and your shoes are tres cute x

  2. just came across your blog and i love it! i really like your writing style. i'm following for sure : )

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  4. aiz, i love the jacket! and yes the shorts make you look like you're in your second trimester...so erm yes just throw them my way and all can be happy :D

  5. Aaaaw guys, thank you so much for the kind words, please do follow/continue to follow and tell all of your friends!!!

    Mr Lonely, your blog truly is an insight and Kristen thanks a million!!!

  6. That waterfall blazer is adorable hun xx


  7. where do i find a jacket like the one u (& now rihanna) have? the balck n white blazer? ive been lookin everywhere

  8. Hey Shalonda, it's from H&M I got it last year but they were still stocking some during the autumn. I am not sure if there are any left in store, but it is worth having a look.

    Please do follow