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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Piano garden

Guys, I’m tired, you know the latent tiredness that sits just behind the eyes. The type that 6 and a half hours sleep just won’t cure, the fall asleep on the bus,  nearly fall into your coffee, people are talking but you can’t quite hear them kinda tired. I am Nytol!

Unfortunately for me I refuse to pay £3.45 for ‘energy boosting’ smoothies and I don’t want to ingest ginseng, pomegranate or jojoba (mainly because I am not trying to add body and shine to my intestines) or any other new fangled hoity-toity power drinks, i just want my mum’s (highly calorific) hot chocolate and I just want to be free.
Below are a few pictures of me in my lpc-induced prison cell. I am wearing an adaptation the original burglar uniform- something new for 2010....very Chanel....No?

This last picture of me was taken using CCTV.... In the bag is a lifetime's supply of staplers and blu tac....ah, the loot of the library.

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