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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Shoe'd I or Shoe'd I not?!?

Shoe’d I or Shoe’d I not?

Guys...I have had my eye on these little puppies for a while and then pay day hit! Boom! Had to have them. Got them home and started to question my new summer boots -a concept which to this day baffles...it is less a juxtaposition of interesting ideas and more just kinda stupid!

However I must say, these boots have me just as prepared to take on the Al Queda insurgents as it does to take me to the shops on a fairly warm day and I do like to push the envelope.


Is it a yes to floral military chic?

That is a really interesting building that I have suddenly noticed behind me...

All hay-fever sufferers look away now! 

What ever happened to lifts?

Or do you prefer things short and sweet?

Before the shoe-down...HA!

 Bzzzzzzz bzzzzzz

Spare foot anyone?

Shoe boot thingy's Primark

Socks- New Look?

T-Shirt - a funky shop in Carnaby Street

Shorts - Topshop

Flower - A bush

Handbag- Primark

Floral dress- Cannot remember

Bangles - 'all over the place mate!'

Saturday, 26 June 2010


September  4th 1999...Bishop Walsh RC School....House Period!

‘So what do you want to be when you grow up?’

Over eager hand flies up.... “I want to be a LAWyer Miss!

I get to dress like this.....

Go here....

And help these....

Maybe before I am thirty I will have one of these....

And at the weekend I will definitely have time to do this....

And maybe even eat some of these....

27th June 2010....

So you are saying that I actually have to wear this....

And even if it reaches 70 degrees celcius there is still no way I will be allowed to wear this?

But I will have to do this.....

 With God’s grace I shall succeed...!

Until then you will catch me doing things like this.....

But don't worry...I am still working on this!

In the hope that one day I will change this...

Sometimes expectation changes but DO NOT give up your dreams....take it all in your stride....and make sure you've got these on!

They go REALLY well  with a plain black suit.......almost!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010



Boy shorts....good plan!

Friends – Optional...

Shoe Shopping? Why not

By a tube station? OK!?

Haggling? If we must!

He budging? No he isn’t.

Time to go? I think so!

                                                         Park? Yes please! 

Fun Fair – Ooooh weee!

Candy floss – Yum-cious (if only I didn’t spend all my money on clothes I might be able to afford to some). Now that George Osbourne wants to kill us with his taxes I might just give up on food altogether.

Bored now...where to?

Your house? Via the cool building!

Pictures....Go on then!

CCTV in operation? They'll never catch us!!!

                                                                Blog-worthy................u betcha!

Top: Can't remember 

Shorts: Market stall

Shoes : Disposable shoes from Primark

Necklace (that I can't seem to stop wearing) Market Stall

Bracelet: Miss Selfridge

Beret : Kangol a la LL Cool J

Friend : Kings College London

Children (just seen) somebody else's!


The End!

Monday, 21 June 2010


A.K.A the white trouser files. Now guys, this is the second instalment of the hotly anticipated series! SO you may have seen these lovely (thrifted/stolen from blazerwhore.blogspot.com) trousers in an earlier post. I was a little bit sleepy that day, I do apologise. As I looked at the weather report this morning I thought to myself....go for it! It was either that or some shorts and I’ve already told you about Keith from sales (who incidentally has decided to become my style advisor of late (!).Anyhoo ‘twas hi-ho, hi-ho it’s off to work we go. I was soon to realise that hi-ho turned into hi-hoe when to my horror I looked in the mirror at work and the trousers were see-through! Well why wouldn’t they be eh? I should have known it would be one of those days when I accidentally sat down on hair removal cream and had to discard my first outfit! It made for an interesting day filled with standing with my back up against, walls, doors, statues, Big Ben, anything I could find to hide my shame. Although I do have to say that by lunch-time I was officially over it. If you are going to stare at my colourful bum then that is your issue and eventually your voyeuristic ways will be unearthed in some sort of seedy ‘dogging’ scandal and will be documented by the SUN newspaper  <----- #jussayin#. 

Not to fear I shall be wearing these wonderful trousers again because I do love them so. It would be sheer foolishness not to. (Get it? sheer)!

Let's hope it will be all-white on the night! (I actually can't stop myself!)

Stay tuned until the next instalment of the White Trouser Files!

I really liked this laid back look composed of....

White trousers – stolen/consensually given to me by blazerwhore.blogspot.com

Top – Joy

Waist belt – Primark

Sandals – New Look

Hat – Street vendor- South London

Flower – can’t remember

Bangle – Debenhams

Bag - Primark

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Over the Knee Rocks!

Over the knee rocks...

No guys not the kinky “I want to spank you’ over the knee- I’m talking about the socks. Now I have to admit that when I first saw them in ‘Clueless’ in like 1997 I thought WOW so cool must do that! I wore my first pair in year 5 needless to say it didn’t quite catch on in Sutton Coldfield as well as it did in L.A. I purchased this grey pair a few years ago now, but when I first wore them my legs put up quite a resistance and then I just looked more like a reverse LL Cool J than Stacy Dash. Ho hum! I took the plunge once more yesterday with slightly better results (i think!). However, the people of London did NOT seem to share my enthusiasm which I do have to say socks a little <---- see what I did there? Oh well, you guys give me your genuine opinion because I may have purchased a few/five more pairs that I thought looked quite fashion forward. I am placing my fashion life in your hands guys...to sock or not to sock THAT is the question.

Just a word of warning...do NOT wear this outfit to visit ANY family friends/important relatives...ESPECIALLY if they have just flown in from abroad....it just makes for awkward conversation.

Blazer....Mumsy’s wardrobe

Cardigan....Mumsy’s wardrobe

T-shirt – thrift

Shorts (my favourite EVER) – Primark

Shoes – Barratts

Over the knee socks – Primark

Bag – Asos

Vauxhall Corsa – NOT mine

Brooch - Mum's ( really need to stop this)

Bangle (just seen) Probably from a street urchin in London somewhere

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Today I'm wearing/sleeping

Today I'm wearing...lots of stuff I bought the day before.....

Today I am also very tired. Will try harder next time. I promizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Thursday, 17 June 2010

It's a Madness

It's A Madness

Oh guys! I’ve missed you...all four of you!!! I really do apologise for the lack of blog loving I have had a rather tumultuous week, filled with non- English speakers and too many people on an unnecessary power trip. So what do I do when the world is getting me down? Immerse myself in the wonderful world of fashion. Now guys, I am not quite sure what happens to me when the sun comes out. I have often compared the reaction to that of an addict...when those rays hit *boom* I lose my mind. That is definitely the story I am sticking with as an explanation for this outfit which comprises lace, pinstripe, floral and silver. Well....you only live once and if you are not buying that one then....Vogue.com told me to do it - they told me it was on trend! Damn you Marc Jacobs and Roberto Cavalli! I know you are both laughing at me through your oversized shades.

I would also like to take this opportunity to denounce the individual who deemed it appropriate to steal blazerwhore.blogspot.com/ ‘s blackberry. I hope it malfunctions and shocks you in your sleep because you are a very wicked person (and I don’t mean wicked in the Live and Kicking way....I mean it in the Old Testament way)! This one is for you Mr blackberry.

Floral Skirt (although it looks white) – Topshop

Waistcoat- Mumsy’s wardrobe

Lace top – Primark

Sandals – Gift

Beads - Market stall

Leaves thrown in air / Branch – Courtesy of somebody else’s front garden.