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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Keeping Mum

Mums...HUH! What are they good for? Ab-so-lutely NOTHING. Oh wait no that’s war. ANYWAY if your Mummy is anything near as cool as mine- (SHOUT OUTS TO MUMSY!!!) then she is probably a style guru in her own right AND she taught you everything you know. However if she is in fact anything like mine she will probably also deliver the ‘hard truths’ about your style that maybe you didn’t want to hear...past gems include “Why are you wearing so many colours? Are you a blind person?” “I can see your stomach jiggling through your shirt, go and change” and also “You know Aize, some clothes are just not made to be worn by girls with your figure” .....aaaah Mums you gotta love ‘em, especially if you can find amazing things like this Karl Lagerfeld waistcoat in her wardrobe...so to sum up.....go and raid your mother’s wardrobe...its vintage, its free and they don’t appreciate it anyway. Featured in these pictures is fellow blogger ‘Blazerwhore’. She really is quite insane....but she knows how to take one hell of a photograph. Good show old girl!!!

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  1. Aww, y'all look gooooood. I feel like such a broke down mofo!