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Thursday, 17 June 2010

It's a Madness

It's A Madness

Oh guys! I’ve missed you...all four of you!!! I really do apologise for the lack of blog loving I have had a rather tumultuous week, filled with non- English speakers and too many people on an unnecessary power trip. So what do I do when the world is getting me down? Immerse myself in the wonderful world of fashion. Now guys, I am not quite sure what happens to me when the sun comes out. I have often compared the reaction to that of an addict...when those rays hit *boom* I lose my mind. That is definitely the story I am sticking with as an explanation for this outfit which comprises lace, pinstripe, floral and silver. Well....you only live once and if you are not buying that one then....Vogue.com told me to do it - they told me it was on trend! Damn you Marc Jacobs and Roberto Cavalli! I know you are both laughing at me through your oversized shades.

I would also like to take this opportunity to denounce the individual who deemed it appropriate to steal blazerwhore.blogspot.com/ ‘s blackberry. I hope it malfunctions and shocks you in your sleep because you are a very wicked person (and I don’t mean wicked in the Live and Kicking way....I mean it in the Old Testament way)! This one is for you Mr blackberry.

Floral Skirt (although it looks white) – Topshop

Waistcoat- Mumsy’s wardrobe

Lace top – Primark

Sandals – Gift

Beads - Market stall

Leaves thrown in air / Branch – Courtesy of somebody else’s front garden.


  1. Finally!! you're back.

    THANKS for your sleuth like work with re. to my blackberry thief!

    also . to the 'its A madness' title

  2. you do know we cant actually SEE the leaves thrown in the air and you infact look like cameron diaz in the movie trailer when she stands up on 2 instead of 3. I do hope you know what I am talking about. I also hope her name is cameron diaz... it could be lindsey lohan??

  3. Strange Name...the beauty in a picture is often what you don't see. I do remember the trailer in question and I am sure the key issue was probably Brad Pitt/Tom Cruise/Matther McConoughey's lack of counting skills. You can never really blame Miley Sirus for that!

  4. its good to have you back!