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Saturday, 12 June 2010


Much like the ‘Man with the Golden Gun', the girl with the golden shoes must be vigilant, must fight danger at every turn, she must be stealth, must watch out for any Russian/Ukrainian/German/Yoruba bad guys that may pop out of nowhere. She must be street smart and crafty otherwise she will fall flat on her arse in the middle of Central London because she knows the sandals (unfortunately) are too high to ACTUALLY conduct a life in. HOWEVER they aren’t too high to blog about. On my way to work on Friday I decided to ‘dress down’, but to my surprise and dismay I had NO sensible shoes to wear. Guys what does this even mean? Why can I not ever just choose ‘the ballet pump’ eh? My dismay was soon washed away and replaced with a warm fuzzy feeling as I looked at (to name a few) my beautiful grey Carvela’s my tan Michael Kors, my floral wedges and my gorgeous caged coral platforms...all of which I am certain you boys and girls will see in due course! T’was at this point that I realised that it really is OK to have a wardrobe full of beautiful heels...who needs ankles in the long term anyway?

So in the spirit of all things golden I put together a wonderful pastel palette for this outfit, you see...I can dress down....sort of....!?

Cargo pants- H&M

Golden Sandals- Gift

Cardigan – Thrift (gold buttons sewed on by me)

Yellow T-shirt – Primark

Grey Belt (just seen) - Thrift

Floral Shades – Don’t remember (but aint they cu-yuute!)

Photographer 'Mr Sass' – (Lagos Market via Soho)

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