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Monday, 21 June 2010


A.K.A the white trouser files. Now guys, this is the second instalment of the hotly anticipated series! SO you may have seen these lovely (thrifted/stolen from blazerwhore.blogspot.com) trousers in an earlier post. I was a little bit sleepy that day, I do apologise. As I looked at the weather report this morning I thought to myself....go for it! It was either that or some shorts and I’ve already told you about Keith from sales (who incidentally has decided to become my style advisor of late (!).Anyhoo ‘twas hi-ho, hi-ho it’s off to work we go. I was soon to realise that hi-ho turned into hi-hoe when to my horror I looked in the mirror at work and the trousers were see-through! Well why wouldn’t they be eh? I should have known it would be one of those days when I accidentally sat down on hair removal cream and had to discard my first outfit! It made for an interesting day filled with standing with my back up against, walls, doors, statues, Big Ben, anything I could find to hide my shame. Although I do have to say that by lunch-time I was officially over it. If you are going to stare at my colourful bum then that is your issue and eventually your voyeuristic ways will be unearthed in some sort of seedy ‘dogging’ scandal and will be documented by the SUN newspaper  <----- #jussayin#. 

Not to fear I shall be wearing these wonderful trousers again because I do love them so. It would be sheer foolishness not to. (Get it? sheer)!

Let's hope it will be all-white on the night! (I actually can't stop myself!)

Stay tuned until the next instalment of the White Trouser Files!

I really liked this laid back look composed of....

White trousers – stolen/consensually given to me by blazerwhore.blogspot.com

Top – Joy

Waist belt – Primark

Sandals – New Look

Hat – Street vendor- South London

Flower – can’t remember

Bangle – Debenhams

Bag - Primark