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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Who wears the trousers?

The tailored trouser, humble, sturdy, smart and loved by bankers and waiters the world over. Revolutionised by the maestro that was Yves Saint Laurent it was suddenly sexy, chic and uber wearable. Fast forward 40 years and it is the accompaniment to a variety of looks; floaty and feminine or hard and edgy, lets face it, its just damn good. Nip it in at the bottom, name it after a bone deformity and voila we have the 'peg leg'. If you happen to not have supermodel sized legs/budget, then do what I did and dig out some floral heels, throw on some accessories and *boom* you have a not so boring office look. Today I wore my 'thrift find' with a ruffled cream blouse, added a touch of colour and did end up looking a little bit like a Victorian magician's assistant but in a cool way (I hope)!!!
Adios Amigos


  1. WHOA!! karla is that you?? No? shocking..

  2. You Look Gorgeous!