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Wednesday, 23 June 2010



Boy shorts....good plan!

Friends – Optional...

Shoe Shopping? Why not

By a tube station? OK!?

Haggling? If we must!

He budging? No he isn’t.

Time to go? I think so!

                                                         Park? Yes please! 

Fun Fair – Ooooh weee!

Candy floss – Yum-cious (if only I didn’t spend all my money on clothes I might be able to afford to some). Now that George Osbourne wants to kill us with his taxes I might just give up on food altogether.

Bored now...where to?

Your house? Via the cool building!

Pictures....Go on then!

CCTV in operation? They'll never catch us!!!

                                                                Blog-worthy................u betcha!

Top: Can't remember 

Shorts: Market stall

Shoes : Disposable shoes from Primark

Necklace (that I can't seem to stop wearing) Market Stall

Bracelet: Miss Selfridge

Beret : Kangol a la LL Cool J

Friend : Kings College London

Children (just seen) somebody else's!


The End!


  1. Great Blog! i love your style!

  2. so do i still have to be your friend then??

    like the way you did this though!!

  3. this was done very well, although it didnt have to end with madness. But i like!