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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Woah nah-nah...you didn't

Dear Ri-Ri,

I am writing with regards to your latest music video. Now I must point out that I really have been patient with you...when you told me to ask my ‘rude boy’ if it was ‘big enough’ I obliged because I was under the assumption that you were talking about his Curriculum Vitae...turns out you REALLY weren’t. I reprimanded Chris for his shocking actions the last time I saw him...Ok, Ok I may not have actually SEEN him but I reprimanded his ‘run it’ video. I even let you off when you wore that almost cool, almost not Victor and Rolf dress and when ‘te amo’ came out I didn’t judge your lifestyle choices. It is safe to say I have been very nice to you...up until now that is!!!

Of all the jackets in all the towns in all the world, you had to wear mine....but with half fishnets, gym shorts and heels? Are you going to a yoga class in the dark recesses of the red light district in Amsterdam? Is that the best you and your stylists could come up with? Because seriously now that everybody is going to ask ME why I am copying YOU despite the fact that I got this jacket in November last year the least you could’ve done is worn a nice outfit....I am disappointed at best and devastated at worst....shame on you.

P.S. we will have to talk about that hair another time. Needless to say I don't think that you should take hair inspiration from Sideshow Bob....

Warmest regards,




Hmmm, i'd look like that too if a fisherman had left his net in my 'hair'!


  1. i agree, the outfit is terrible, i expected better.

  2. LOL...
    on the real, she's a hot mess in this outfit. There's too much going on with the outfit!

  3. lol *shaking fist whenever glaring at her flaming locks*

  4. loool this made me laugh, first not so positive comment about ri-ri I've seen on a blog, even do Rihanna is one of my girl crushes I do agree with you on some points...Following..x


  5. could'nt have said it better. xD
    I absolutely have nothing against red hair, actually love it, but that's wayyy too much!
    As far as as her outfitis concerned ( including recent ones), you'd expect her stylists to either come up with something good or advise her against it, that's what they're paid for....