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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Copper-load of this!

Looking back at these pictures it seems that it was an exercise in seeing just how many items I could have on one outfit. I was trying to be cool and warm at the same time. (HAHA! cool and warm)

I've decided..... I like it, although I am well aware it doesn't quite tap into this season's minimalist trend quite as well as it could, sorry Chloe!

I must say these tights really do provoke some interesting reactions from the general public.I don't know what is more worrying, the fact that they think I would just have no clothes on in arctic weather or the fact that they think I have some sort of copper coloured skin disease that only affects my legs....*sigh* 

I am going shopping today. The ol' wardrobe needs a re-re-vamp methinks...watch this space. 

I haven't had any time to actually keep up with the trends of late so please comment and update my knowledge bank. 

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  1. I luv it! i think you are so fashionable!!!!

  2. Ha! 'Cool & warm' - Nice shorts mademoiselle.

    Ps That was my evil twin bro in The Stylist, but since we're identical, I'll take credit for the looks ;-) Cheers! X

  3. I have the very same problem with my twin sis Naomi, she is always posing in Vogue- gets so annoying.

    Hope you are good!