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Tuesday, 31 July 2012


A lovely pressie...

From my lovely friend worn on a lovely day...

Skirt - Gited
Shoes= ASOS
Waistcoat- Mumsy's wardrobe
Accessories - Forever 21, H&M, Topshop

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sunshine through my window....

I loathe to say it, but I think I may be what is called a Sunshine Blogger. I.e. one who gravitates towards and blogs predominantly in the sunshine months. I have had to come to accept and embrace this fact and share it with you all. Well, guess what? After months of precipitation (I do actually believe we had a bout of hail in May-yes May), the sun poked its lazy rays through the London sky. Being the addict that I am,I got dressed up and ran outside and this is what happened...

Warehouse trousers a New Look top and Guess shoes was my outfit of choice. Hope y'all likey!!!

Lashings of Lovings and remember, floppy hats are for life, not just for blog pictures!

Kisses! xx

Sunday, 27 May 2012

A lovely daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

I took a glorious stroll by the river today. It was just delightful! My body mass index is not delightful, that is, my friends, a story for another day. Had a super busy last few weeks, so it was good to take a stroll, take stock of life and terrorise pigeons (I don't believe in pigeons, or what they stand for.) 

I hope you are all taking in the wonderful weather. I just ADORE London in the sunshine!

Lashings of lovings and don't give those heiffers (pigeons) any bread!


Thursday, 17 May 2012

Look who it isn't...

*Sneaks out from behind shame wall*

HI!! How y'all doin? Well guuuuurrrrrl, I missed the heck outta y'all! You look cute though, new haircut? No? Not speaking to me? What had happened was...

Having had some time out of life, I have returned fully rejuvenated, slightly porkier, I have a little bit more regrowth on my hair and a few more, but by no means enough, outfits.

Do you know what you should do every now and again? A wardrobe clear out. Aside from all the 'charitable giving' stuff, it can conjure up some quite beautiful memories and reminds you of how far you have come not only in fashion, but in life. (Wow, nostalgia much? Dr Phil session anyone?)

Moving on, I have also decided that as three different people in my life have told me that 'booty shorts' are not becoming of somebody in their 20s, now is the right time to make a new pair...with studs...maybe this is why they call me stubborn? *shrugs*

ANYWAY. This was my running errands outfit the other day. I really love the colour of the skirt and the fact that it is almost maxi, almost midi. Perfect for the HAILSTORM that we had the other day, in the middle of MAY! Sigh. Tired of this tyrannous English weather.

ALSO, HEY to all of my new followers, welcome to the wonderful world of me! And keep leaving the links to your blogs I'm loving perusing them!

Skirt: ASOS
Top: H&M
Wedges: New Look
Scarf: Primark
Earrings: H&M

Monday, 26 March 2012


Hot dress, hot heels, mild day. Why not?!?

I am in LOVE with the dress that yes, you've guessed it, I stole from my sister. It is very classic and very Calvin Klein and by jove, I think it is just plain spiffing! Let me know what you all are thinking!

Been checking out some blogs recently and I am on the look out for a new blog crush, any suggestions, please let me know and i'll be sure to check y'all out!

Do you know what else is grey though? 5am gym which is where I'm headed after the weekend of stuffing  light meals my loving mother had me eating this weekend. 

Love ya Ma! 

Dress: Calvin Klein
Heels: New Look
Bag: Topshop

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Little dress on the Prairie...

And by Prairie, I evidently mean Canary Wharf. It's like a prairie, but instead of flowers and meadows, it has city traders, coffee shops and new age pan Asian eateries...

I teamed this with socks and sandals like perhaps my name is Elizabeth Bonshtanackle (it had a prairie ring to it- i dunno!)

Hope y'all have an amazing Saturday! I'm off shopping...

Lashings of lovings and remember, bankers only scowl at you because they have been awake since 3.30 am, don't take it personally. Unless they start screaming your name, chasing you and hurling abuse...then take it personally, it's probably about you.


Saturday, 3 March 2012


Check me out all leather-ed out and ish! 

Quick post today guys....

Went down to Clap-town to pick up a burger at the weekend. This is what I wore. Forgot ALL about my leather jacket. I got it for my 18th birthday and kinda didn't like it. (Don't tell my mumsie)! But now, I'm going to resurrect it. Watcha' guys thinking?

Hope y'all are having a swell weekend. Lashings of Lovings and say no to burgers!


Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sooo thigh...

Hey, hey, hey! So, totes had to show you guys my amazeballs thigh high boots that I got as a birthday present. I've wanted them for ages. Really and truly ever since Julia Roberts rocked those patent black ones in the best film of all time (Pretty Woman) I have been transfixed. Yes, I am well aware she played a prostitute in the film, that is neither here nor there...

I understand that perhaps thigh highs are usually synonymous with go-go girls and some lesser explored parts of Soho but I'm all about  the danger and the warmth, they are remarkably toasty i'll have you know. And I just ADORE the comfiness of the platform.

My latest leather love affair hasn't been all smooth sailing, in fact, my joy was scuppered the first time I tried to wear them deep in the depths of that disgusting February chill we just had. Outfit complete, I set about trying to do up the zip on the boots to no avail, leaving me no other option but to violently cast them aside in a wild rage (the whole fiasco made me 25 minutes late for work). 

Fear not though, the boots and I have now made up and I have proceeded to wear them every weekend for the last month. Alas, here I am sharing my latest outfit with you lovely folk.

One thing I will say though is that these boots are to be worn with caution and tights..at ALL times!

Boots: Topshop, worn with Zara blazer (gifted from my mumsie) and H&M dress!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Stripped and Striped!

SO...My beautiful familia popped down to 'hang' last weekend. NATURALLY we went out and did some fly stuff, din-dins, cin-cins and night bus! I snapped a few pics before we left as I was feeling quite fly. 

I wore my 'I got it before Rihanna' H&M jacket and some lovely high waisted green trousers i picked up from Topshop and a 'body' rounded up with my purple and green Kurt Geiger mary janes. Word of advice, if you are going to have a starter AND a massive main, don't wear a body with high waisted trousers. It transpired that a Vietnam-style battle ensued betweed my belly and my clothes about half way through the fifth spoon of jasmine rice. Needless to say, my belly won and I spent the rest of the evening gingerly clutching my coat to hide my shame. Yessir-eee, mama would be proud!

I have been perusing some awesome blogs of late and by gosh golly I miss it! I realised I can't just be looking fly and not letting y'all see it. My posts have been sporadic to say the least, but the blame for that rests squarely on my photographer's shoulders. (No lies). I say we all throw stones at him. Any volunteers to take over the role? Message me! I will endeavour to do more posts though, even if I have to balance myself on a revolving stool in a passport photo booth.....too far??

I've got the sultry look on lock. Pahahaha! I'm being ironic, there's a lock behind me. You get it? *high fives myself*

Monday, 16 January 2012

Birthday hoo-ray!

Hey homies old and new! How goes it on this chilly January eve? (FOR REAL what is this sub-arctic North Pole jingle-bell type icy weather though? - RUDE is what is bloomin' is!) 

Yes, January is the month of depression and conflicting subliminal and social messages driving me people to crave copious amounts of warm stodgy comfort food whilst watching adverts for Imogen Thomas exercise dvds or reading articles on how to 'get a bum like Pippa's' exclusively from her pilates teacher. Needless to say, I skipped hurriedly past that article...

For all the doom and gloom though, January is also...the month of my BIRTHDAY. Whoop-whoop. My bestie/life partner/hairdresser/life-counsellor did a really beautiful blog about it on the day. I tried to cry tears of joy in appreciation but the cold froze them onto my eyelashes soooo.... 

I actually had to work on my birthday (booooooo!!!) so I couldn't wear the planned denim short-shorts and loose jumper combo that I had planned...something about a dress code....?!?

Plus I was treated to an AMAZING birthday dinner at the Oxo tower and I'm not sure how the maitre-d would have taken to that particular outfit...so, here is my sensible birthday outfit....

The other birthday pics are more Bossip than blogger so yeah...enjoy! (yes the pictures are hazy but that is because of the water droplets evaporating from the Thames)