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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Stripped and Striped!

SO...My beautiful familia popped down to 'hang' last weekend. NATURALLY we went out and did some fly stuff, din-dins, cin-cins and night bus! I snapped a few pics before we left as I was feeling quite fly. 

I wore my 'I got it before Rihanna' H&M jacket and some lovely high waisted green trousers i picked up from Topshop and a 'body' rounded up with my purple and green Kurt Geiger mary janes. Word of advice, if you are going to have a starter AND a massive main, don't wear a body with high waisted trousers. It transpired that a Vietnam-style battle ensued betweed my belly and my clothes about half way through the fifth spoon of jasmine rice. Needless to say, my belly won and I spent the rest of the evening gingerly clutching my coat to hide my shame. Yessir-eee, mama would be proud!

I have been perusing some awesome blogs of late and by gosh golly I miss it! I realised I can't just be looking fly and not letting y'all see it. My posts have been sporadic to say the least, but the blame for that rests squarely on my photographer's shoulders. (No lies). I say we all throw stones at him. Any volunteers to take over the role? Message me! I will endeavour to do more posts though, even if I have to balance myself on a revolving stool in a passport photo booth.....too far??

I've got the sultry look on lock. Pahahaha! I'm being ironic, there's a lock behind me. You get it? *high fives myself*


  1. This outfit is HOT!!!!!! I love stripes and a solid color. I am in London right now studying and I LOVE IT!!! Maybe we should meet and do a blogger meet up?

  2. that striped blazer is amazing


  3. i love your body, where did you get it from, or is it also from topshop?
    AnnaB. X

  4. Thanks guys!

    @SheDel: yeah, we totally should
    @Deejay: Thank you!
    @Anna B: The body is by panache because I don't have Topshop sized boobies...I got this one off Ebay though.