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Sunday, 27 May 2012

A lovely daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

I took a glorious stroll by the river today. It was just delightful! My body mass index is not delightful, that is, my friends, a story for another day. Had a super busy last few weeks, so it was good to take a stroll, take stock of life and terrorise pigeons (I don't believe in pigeons, or what they stand for.) 

I hope you are all taking in the wonderful weather. I just ADORE London in the sunshine!

Lashings of lovings and don't give those heiffers (pigeons) any bread!


Thursday, 17 May 2012

Look who it isn't...

*Sneaks out from behind shame wall*

HI!! How y'all doin? Well guuuuurrrrrl, I missed the heck outta y'all! You look cute though, new haircut? No? Not speaking to me? What had happened was...

Having had some time out of life, I have returned fully rejuvenated, slightly porkier, I have a little bit more regrowth on my hair and a few more, but by no means enough, outfits.

Do you know what you should do every now and again? A wardrobe clear out. Aside from all the 'charitable giving' stuff, it can conjure up some quite beautiful memories and reminds you of how far you have come not only in fashion, but in life. (Wow, nostalgia much? Dr Phil session anyone?)

Moving on, I have also decided that as three different people in my life have told me that 'booty shorts' are not becoming of somebody in their 20s, now is the right time to make a new pair...with studs...maybe this is why they call me stubborn? *shrugs*

ANYWAY. This was my running errands outfit the other day. I really love the colour of the skirt and the fact that it is almost maxi, almost midi. Perfect for the HAILSTORM that we had the other day, in the middle of MAY! Sigh. Tired of this tyrannous English weather.

ALSO, HEY to all of my new followers, welcome to the wonderful world of me! And keep leaving the links to your blogs I'm loving perusing them!

Skirt: ASOS
Top: H&M
Wedges: New Look
Scarf: Primark
Earrings: H&M