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Saturday, 19 February 2011

They call me mellow yellow.....

Guys, today was breakdown day. YIKES, I'm goingtocrymyexamisontuesday day but then something beautiful happened. My wonderful family came ALL the way from my home-town to bring joy into my life. Whilst I was in the library they made my room/wardrobe super duper hotel clean (and stole some clothes in the process), brought me food, general merriment and two new outfits!!! 

They really are little rays of sunshine in my life. Speaking of sunshine I wore yellow tights the other day (yes that was a perfectly legitimate link-not tenuous at all) I couldn't understand why people were looking at my banana inspired legs. I call them haters.

I forgot my 'hater blockers' that day so I just had to close my eyes....OR I blinked when the picture was being taken...you decide.

Shirt- French Connection
Skirt - H&M
Shoes - Pressie from some chick i know (River Island)
Scarf - thrifted
Watch (my new favourite) Gifted
Bag - Zara - also gifted

Wow so many gifts all I need now is the gift of exam technique (I'm counting on you Jesus)

Lashings of Lovings lovely people

Friday, 18 February 2011

I would like to to thank my mum, H&M and my bank account....

So apparently, I am a stylish blogger! Thank you guys!!! I think I got nominations from blazerwhore puss-in-boots and pastime bliss

The rules are I have to tell you seven things that you didn't know about me.

  1. I am from Birmingham...like seriously.
  2. I love sweet things, but not sweets.
  3. I pick raisins out of cereal but love them in everything else
  4. I would like more people to follow my blog - perhaps HR at a top city law firm but regular people as well.
  5. I hate wearing tights - for mildly emotional reasons
  6. I hate injustice
  7. I know all the words to every song on Dr Dre 2001 - yes, I was angsty in my own way and yes Lil Kim was a major role model for my 13 year old self.
I am passing this award on to.....

blazerwhore - because she completes me 
pastime bliss - cuz dey is fly.
puss-in-boots because her blog is awesome
lawadlibitum - because her mom gave me rice and puff-puff  (a sweet Nigerian snack usually only served at celebratory occasions
lumberjack - you'll see why when you click the link
snow black - but I wonder if she has 7 dwarf friends?

and many more, I just really have to sleep because I have an exam in 72 hours....

Sending waves of good vibes your way....

Lashings of lovings....


Tuesday, 8 February 2011

So my secretary tells me you would like some legal advice...?

Today I had my interviewing assessment, it was fun (if fun involves a slightly neurotic divorcee with bad personal finances). SO, I had to do my best serious lawyer impression. I wore a smart dress and sensible shoes. Like seriously sensible- they are an inch high! I mean I did borrow the glasses in an attempt to enhance the whole competent lawyer thing. I think the neon pink and blue polka dot nails took the edge off the whole 'lawyer' image that I was trying to go for but to be honest, my nails aren't giving you the legal advice so.....

I finished the exam and just had a quiet celebration in the corner.....

Whaddaya think?

Lashings of Lovings xx

Glasses: Red or Dead
Blazer: Gift
Dress: Gift
Scarf: Probably my mum's to be honest
Belt: I removed from a New Look dress that I bought.
Feet: The result of millions of years of evolution

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Two- tone

Another quick one today guys as I really should be sleeping....

My sister actually laughed out loud when she saw me in this outfit, I am hoping to have better luck with you guys?

Do leave comments and let me know watcha thinking.

Honestly sometimes I crack myself up....

Lashings of Lovings


Shirt: Ted Baker
Shorts: Diesel
Scarf: Gifted
Shoes: New Look
Jacket: Gifted
Gloves: Mummy (the parent not the film)