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Saturday, 19 February 2011

They call me mellow yellow.....

Guys, today was breakdown day. YIKES, I'm goingtocrymyexamisontuesday day but then something beautiful happened. My wonderful family came ALL the way from my home-town to bring joy into my life. Whilst I was in the library they made my room/wardrobe super duper hotel clean (and stole some clothes in the process), brought me food, general merriment and two new outfits!!! 

They really are little rays of sunshine in my life. Speaking of sunshine I wore yellow tights the other day (yes that was a perfectly legitimate link-not tenuous at all) I couldn't understand why people were looking at my banana inspired legs. I call them haters.

I forgot my 'hater blockers' that day so I just had to close my eyes....OR I blinked when the picture was being taken...you decide.

Shirt- French Connection
Skirt - H&M
Shoes - Pressie from some chick i know (River Island)
Scarf - thrifted
Watch (my new favourite) Gifted
Bag - Zara - also gifted

Wow so many gifts all I need now is the gift of exam technique (I'm counting on you Jesus)

Lashings of Lovings lovely people


  1. ah so nice for the family to come and visit! good luck with the exams and your results, i'm sure you'll do fine... if not your tights are so amazeful that any sign of stress shall vanish just by looking at them!


  2. i love the burst of colour !!!
    very cute :) xoxo