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Friday, 4 March 2011

Why Would You Wear THAT Weekend.

Finished, finito, done, over, no longer in progress, completed, concluded.  If somehow you missed that I had exams, let me fill you in. Basically, I had to learn how to set up a company, navigate it through a conveyancing transaction, advise on a civil dispute it had encountered, advise one of its key personnel through a criminal investigation and finally bring the company to an end.  Sounds PRETTY cool right? Yeah, it’s not.

In celebration of this truly monumental milestone, I propose to share with you things that have been bugging me this week, I call it ‘Why Would you Wear THAT’ Weekend.

Well, as you can tell, I like fashion. NOW, fashion by definition is:a prevailing custom or style of dress, etiquette, socializing, etc.

Whilst an apt description fashion should be distinguished from a cortege or a follower, people really must learn to develop their own conclusions and should resolve that there are some things that JUST LOOK BAD.

Exhibit A – The Ugg Boot.

Retailing at over £110 Great British Pound Sterling this brute of an item has monopolised the feet of the floppy haired for many a moon now, but what devastates me more than these completely useless highly inelegant shoes is their appearances during the summer months. So it is 27 degrees celcius, one of the only two summer days Great Britain will experience out of 365 but you bypassed the entire collection of summer sandals on sale on the high street and thought...”yup, I want to wear the one with the fur”?!@%!

 I love warmth and I love comfort, but I also love individuality...

Why the outburst? I counted 25 girls in one learning institution in one day wearing these monstrosities...

Yes I am sure they are very wonderful and they keep you super duper trooper warm and they ‘go with everything’ but I can’t help thinking there is a mountain climber out there absolutely wetting himself that people actually bought into this phenomenon.

Yes you will probably all hate me and I am sure they are ambrosia for the feet,  but if so then please explain these to me.....

Like serious, detailed explanations....

The Prosecution rests....


  1. i have BEEN saying this!! PREACH. uggs make me itch. i just DON'T get their purpose except maybe when there is snow and sleet and you don't want to get frostbite. Outside of this, ugg boots should be rounded up like the women at the salem witch trials and burnt at the stake...

  2. hahaa.. youre quite funny, I agree with you on this though.. loveing the vibe of your blog...