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Friday, 11 March 2011

Seeing Red

Seeing Red
Seeing Red by Eyes88 featuring prada shoes
I wanted to look like this...so I did.

I really must apologise for the quintessentially bloggeristic poses that I have pulled in this post- it is a new thing that I am trying...

So I am back to studying soon and I am trying to enjoy every single nugget of life as much as possible before the dreaded Monday gloom descends upon my happiness...

What better way to do this than to wear obscenely high gold heels and a fur coat for no apparent reason?

P.S. Rum and Raisin ice cream rocks my world (erm, no it doesn't have any relevance to the blog post but what's your point???)

T-shirt : Somewhere on Carnaby Street
Skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: ASOS
Ring: Primarni
Fur Coat: Gifted

Hey to my new followers and even those of you who are seemingly scared to follow and just like to dip your toe into my crazy world 'preciate it all the same.

If you would like any more info about me or the blog do feel free to get in touch...


  1. love the outfit! one question when you say thrifted, do you mean second hand stores? Because i'm trying to find 'thriftstores' ( i hope this makes sense...it's late)

  2. U nailed it... Really into American motive tshirts!
    PS. I love rum and raisin icecream as well =)

  3. love your outfit
    now followed with my twitter account (clicked on the right) bc when I followed your blog clicking the follow button on the very top of the page it said i followed your blog
    but still don't appear on your followers box? sorry but now im one of your followers :)

  4. Hey Michelle- great to have you on board!

    Hey Anna - my dear, i thrift from everywhere
    Brick Lane
    Vintage Stores
    Randomers on the street (the ones that look clean) so my advice would be to widen your thrifting net so to speak. There is always a bargain to be had for the diligent shopper as actual thriftstores are more difficult to come by in the UK!

    I hope this also make sense(?)