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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Skinny Naviccino

Hey guys, just a quick post today as this has been a pretty tough week. On Monday I had my wisdom tooth yanked ferociously taken out-(OUCH btw) so I have been mighty irritable as the sum total of my sustenance for the week has consisted of two cartons of soup, porridge and ibuprofen. YUM! To console my bleeding heart (and general mouth area) I wore my favourite blue shoes for my first adventure out since the trauma (yes trauma).

Also I have given up moaning for Lent which has made bearing the pain all the more delightful. Ah well, at least I still have some teeth left, I shall give a three tooth grimace  smile to the world and make lemonade with strawberries or whatever the saying is....

P.S. Topppa the marnin' to ya. Happy St Patrick's Day!

Love love LOVE my new chinos!

Navy Chinos - H&M
Shoes - Primark
Top- Primark
Blazer - Mum's (kinda now mine though)
Bag- Zara


  1. : ( sorry about your teeth. i remember that experience and it sucked! at least you look cute!

    just discovered your blog via IFB links forum and followed on google connect.

    keep in touch! xo ann

    Holier than Now

  2. hope you're feeling better, im dreading getting mine taken out...
    loving the chinos :)

  3. awww sorry about your teeth babe. get well soon. oh yeah your shoes are hotter than sunshine. xxx