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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Caped Crusader

Feeling a bit disheartened this week guys, lots of people telling me things that I refuse to accept as true. What I have also realised is that I respect VERY few people in this world- mainly distinguished academics, anybody who is working towards effecting social change, writers, humanitarian workers, charity workers, my Mum, my Sister and of course Storm from the X-men. 

Quite frankly a lot of people in this world need to REALLY 'siddown' and stop feeling so *'pepperless' and excitable about their lives. I really must stop now before this becomes a piercing diatribe on the Legal Industry as an entity....that quite frankly is for another blog entirely.

So what to do when you are stressed? Erm...obvious- wear a cape and daydream about a metaphorical land where your super-powers include amongst other things destroying ugg-boots, being able to deflect the germs from the sneezes of fellow commuters on the underground and being able to create a baked cheesecake in the blink of an eye all using telekinesis. 

My nemesis would be the creator of Jane Norman OR Helena Bonham Carter's stylist. Let world domination commence MUAHAHAHAHA! 

* Nigerian colloquialism meaning -boundless level of excitement and pride for no quantifiable/tangible reason.  

Some other caped crusaders  looks for S/S 2011

Chloe S/S 2011

Giambattista Valli 

Before i fly off though, here is my new Topshop cape.

Look at me activating my super-powers on this secret oyster machine

Worn with
- Zara handbag
- Zara Dress
- Topshop necklace

Just after these pictures were taken, i bent those bars with my mind.


  1. lol! I LOVE Storm. But i like your cape best


  2. ugh I hate jane norman with a passion! how is it that they have the same stock year after year?! on another note, I've been wanting a cape since forever

  3. this is actually quite funny. can i bend BPP with my mind??

  4. Such a fashionista look! I love it!

  5. @Adiya - thank you! - Who doesn't love storm (serious role model)

    @tailor - Jane Norman clothes make my eyes burn

    @Nicola - Erm, just for now let's concentrate on burning the lpc with your mind

    @Stylish - Thank you!!!