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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Rain, rain go away....

Today it rained...boooooooooooooo! But today I found my ‘vintagesque’ H&M dress...yaaaaaay!! I have teamed it with some heeled brogues and I feel like a rather suave lady...all I need now is a guy with a peerage and I’m good to go methinks...All it takes is a pretty dress and some nice shoes to save me from London Juice Syndrome, i.e. where dog faeces, ravers puke and tramps wee wee all converges and is swept on to your person by oncoming vehicles who think that it is OK to splash you because they can afford the Congestion Charge and you can’t! UNCOOL! Umbrella adds that much needed drama here. Coming soon....SATC 2...the review.

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