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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Over the Knee Rocks!

Over the knee rocks...

No guys not the kinky “I want to spank you’ over the knee- I’m talking about the socks. Now I have to admit that when I first saw them in ‘Clueless’ in like 1997 I thought WOW so cool must do that! I wore my first pair in year 5 needless to say it didn’t quite catch on in Sutton Coldfield as well as it did in L.A. I purchased this grey pair a few years ago now, but when I first wore them my legs put up quite a resistance and then I just looked more like a reverse LL Cool J than Stacy Dash. Ho hum! I took the plunge once more yesterday with slightly better results (i think!). However, the people of London did NOT seem to share my enthusiasm which I do have to say socks a little <---- see what I did there? Oh well, you guys give me your genuine opinion because I may have purchased a few/five more pairs that I thought looked quite fashion forward. I am placing my fashion life in your hands guys...to sock or not to sock THAT is the question.

Just a word of warning...do NOT wear this outfit to visit ANY family friends/important relatives...ESPECIALLY if they have just flown in from abroad....it just makes for awkward conversation.

Blazer....Mumsy’s wardrobe

Cardigan....Mumsy’s wardrobe

T-shirt – thrift

Shorts (my favourite EVER) – Primark

Shoes – Barratts

Over the knee socks – Primark

Bag – Asos

Vauxhall Corsa – NOT mine

Brooch - Mum's ( really need to stop this)

Bangle (just seen) Probably from a street urchin in London somewhere


  1. i love it! sock it to them! HA!

  2. i think the socks are great! I have a few pairs myself.

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  4. to sock that is the answer....

  5. i love love love this look! you look like a japanese.

  6. A Japanese embassy? A Japanese restaurant?

  7. P.S...thanks Barbie...join! join!

  8. definitely sock it to them babe. i bought some thigh highs from american apparel but still haven't worn them yet!!! argh need to clean up my white converses first!

  9. cute look and i have to say i love the bag because i have it too.

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