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Sunday, 11 July 2010

All tied up!

I did it! I managed to wear a bow-tie without looking like a waitress/Ellen Degeneres....OK maybe a little waitressy but that would be one funky kind of work outfit...(River Island take note).

I have wanted a bow tie for some time now and to my utter glee *PING* I spotted this yellow baby on one of my Vintage hauls. OBVIOUSLY my twin sister blazerwhore.blogspot.com gave me a look of disbelief/genuine concern but eventually put the purchase down to my “unique” sense of style.

So my pride is complete. The bow tie is cute if a little restrictive and I am quite happy. Although i am not going to lie...it will have limited application in a wardrobe full of floral dresses

I do try and stay well away from androgyny as it is a VERY difficult one to pull off especially when you don’t have an excuse i.e. your sexuality or being Grace Jones.
Let me know what you think guys...should I bow out now??? 

I must say there was some truly smashing photography taking place today courtesy of Mr Sass!

Bow-tie: Vintage

Shirt : Ted Baker

Shorts: Vintage 

Belt&Shoes : Primark

Centre Parting: Blazerwhore


  1. the bow tie is hot, you look really hot. i like it.

  2. very cute outfit. love the bow tie and the shoes. you pull off the bow tie so well. that on me would look so blah lol xx

  3. LOL...I am sure blah is definitely not a word that could be used to describe your style! Love your blog btw...I think you may have a lifetime fan!

  4. seriously? thanks alot :) truly love your style as well. we should defo share style tips :D - lola