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Thursday, 15 July 2010

You're 'avin a laugh Dave...

I was just trying to have a photoshoot...

Now guys I am a fun loving chappette just like the next girl but every once in a while my ‘aiz’ get filled with rage and as you are on this page right now just to look through them I thought I would share.

So there is me ‘la la la’ reading the paper waiting for my photoshoot/ 3 pictures taken in Oxford Circus and I come across an article detailing the government’s new plans fora more "progressive" system of funding”.
Today Vince Cable the business secretary and “everybody’s fave politician” set out new plans to introduce a ‘graduate tax’

I would have stopped reading at this point but then Vincey boy went on to say that...

Higher graduate contributions are the "only possible way forward" to make the higher education system fairer and sustainable for the future.

This stupid ‘fair’  graduate tax however specifically targets law students, medics and those looking to enter the Investment Banking sector.

Have I missed something? What the frick is wrong with this country? How can there be a seemingly constant attack on those people wanting to achieve and succeed in life? This will surely only serve as a deterrent to any type of aspiration for all but the snootily rich.

How can such a preposterous piece if buffoonery seriously be masquerading as a real political plan??!!!

Tuition fees currently stand at £3,225 per year but obviously that wasn't bad enough. Under these new proposals, graduates would not take out loans to pay tuition fees, but will instead pay a premium depending on their earnings once they are working.

I was to say the least a little perturbed and have only one thing to say but unfortunately it REALLY cannot be repeated on this blog!

And by the way Vince...have you tried getting a training contract in the worst recession since the 1930s?....Nope? 

Didn’t think so! 


  1. I cant believe it, what a joke!

  2. Come on Dave, Vince, Ossy...come round mine so you can drink my blood as well as have my income tax, council tax, VAT, car tax, graduate tax and just general life tax!!

    Love Aim!

  3. oh wow. this is almost funny, only it's not because I feel your pain. nonetheless, you're not ok