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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Gradu - and - clothes

With everyone graduating I am feeling rather nostalgic and thought I would share my graduation memories with you lovely people....who am I kidding 80% of the reason I went was so that I could get dressed up!! Oh yes and the whole 'finishing of the degree' thing

Apparently though my mum thought it was her graduation and bought an ENTIRELY new very expensive outfit...

Maybe she thought she was graduating from Motherhood or just graduating from using an A to Z to using a tom-tom to drive to London...either way sort it out Mummy thunder-stealer!

Having a winter graduation is kinda like having a winter wedding...it’s different in a ‘Posh and Becks’ wedding sort of way...although unlike the Beckhams I chose not to wear plum and gold and decided to NOT have the Spice Girls at the reception.

Enough of all this chatter now...time for the CLOTHES!!

Waiting...waiting..what shall we do?...I know...POSE!

Not feeling it then Mum...no? Ok!

And then this is what happened when I told her to do an impression of Naomi Campbell.....

But she knew she secretly wanted to join in...

This is clearly an ideal location for a couture shot...I AM wearing Vivien Westwood afterall...

Obviously the guys had to represent!
 What do you mean they don't look like they want to be here....? 
Say cheese now boys!!!!

and here is my impression of Storm from the X-men....you will never know how I control the waves....mwhahahahahaha

I bet you Storm does not have a cute clutch like I do though!!!

Black dress: Guilt gift from Mummizzle
Belt: Mum's
Shoes: Mum's (apparently I cannot be trusted to make sensible graduation footwear choices....)
Clutch: My sister's
Degree LLB (hons) ALL MINE!!!!!



  1. Thanks for showing the world wide web my three hundred teeth...lots of love