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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Erykah Bad-hair

Key observations I have made lately regarding my style:

It doesn't fit into any set pattern. I am a free spirit like Pocahontas.

When I have just gotten my hair done I wear heels - i'm assuming to facilitate the 'jus got ma hurr did' strut that inevitably follows departure from the hair salon.

When I am happy I wear florals, even when it is frightfully inappropiate - i.e. in the snow. *please don't judge*

When I am angry at the world I dress either like Erykah Badu and/or a member of Madonna's backing dancer team. I think it is a way of demonstrating my defiance of accepted of societal norms.

When I am depressed, I wear pyjamas.

Here is Miss Thang herself giving the 'I just don't give a what'  attitude.

Saturday, I was depressed/ REALLY didn't want to brush my hair and below are the results....

My own interpretation...


What is your styling peculiarity???


  1. Lol! Thank God for turbans and scarfs for bad/lazy hair days. I actually dress and make up according to my mood too. Jeans and a tee when i'm not feeling up to anything (with just lipgloss and no jewelry). Any others days, I try :D


  2. I love the scarf on you, and that bright teal jacket with the bright orange scarf. It's such a bright, cheery and beautiful color combination!

    - Meanz (Koi Story)