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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

So my secretary tells me you would like some legal advice...?

Today I had my interviewing assessment, it was fun (if fun involves a slightly neurotic divorcee with bad personal finances). SO, I had to do my best serious lawyer impression. I wore a smart dress and sensible shoes. Like seriously sensible- they are an inch high! I mean I did borrow the glasses in an attempt to enhance the whole competent lawyer thing. I think the neon pink and blue polka dot nails took the edge off the whole 'lawyer' image that I was trying to go for but to be honest, my nails aren't giving you the legal advice so.....

I finished the exam and just had a quiet celebration in the corner.....

Whaddaya think?

Lashings of Lovings xx

Glasses: Red or Dead
Blazer: Gift
Dress: Gift
Scarf: Probably my mum's to be honest
Belt: I removed from a New Look dress that I bought.
Feet: The result of millions of years of evolution


  1. you got the look and the lady was the icing on the cake lol. Tis was a good look.

  2. Aaaaw thank you very much!!!

    I think I just went a bit loopy at the end?!


  3. purple looks so good on you and i love your spunk, crazy pic at the end lol

  4. i love you and i think you are amazing.

  5. Cute dress. It fits you like a glove!!!


  6. LOL. I shall guard my cardiga!
    Dude I nominated you for the stylish blogger award, check my blog for more :)