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Friday, 22 October 2010

Treat em green keep 'em well, erm green....

Today I wore leggings as part of my 'i just don't care I don't have class for a week and it's a Friday' state of mind. BAD MOVE! It seriously highlighted to me that I am looking more ‘heffer’ than ‘Schiffer’ i am putting on weight, piling on the pounds, carrying a bit, looking a bit cuddly, letting myself go, am a few steps closer to a heart attack ...and I blame law school (not the tub of ‘knock off'  Ben&Jerry’s ice-cream in front of me- which I must say is uber -yumcious and I really might stock up on it whilst it is on special offer).

 ANYWAY... Back to my woes...these really are unfortunate times. Let me explain, if I have a bad day I compensate with bad food or shopping. Unfortunately for me on the LPC every day is a bad day and due to a severe lack of funds and the fact that I am currently embroiled in an ongoing dispute with ASOS (again) I have had to indulge in the former. Now, there are multiple opportunities to lament into a muffin or cry into a cafe latte.  Thus I am going to post some pre-sadness photos of one of my favourite dresses re-vamped for the arctic chill.

I  have already expressed my sock problem to all of you here and to my dismay none of you have tried to stop me. You’ll all be sorry when I cut eye-holes into them, put them over my head and come and stand outside your bedroom windows at night.

 I shall be called.....SOCKRATES...the toe raider.

Ooooh, p.s. I am on what we law students call ‘consolidation week’ which means I have no classes but does still mean I have no life...I will endeavour to increase my blogging rate!

P.p.s, that watch isn't mine, if I could afford a Raymond Weil i probably wouldn't even bother doing an LPC

Loves  ya  muchly!!

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  1. I really love your style, the dress and the shoes go so well. btw, nice watch!