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Monday, 13 September 2010

Mad Hatter

Oh guys, how I have missed you all, (yeah even you in the corner playing scrabble). I have not forsaken you, I started law school last week so as you can imagine, this is one stressed out blogeuse! (yeah i made up a word, if you had to learn about  the partnership act 1890 then you would make words up too).

I fully appreciate that I have been slacking with the blog of late...must try harder. Would stay and chat but I have 2 chapters and an 'i tutorial' to read before the morn!

Lots of love,kisses, and other physical manifestations of affection...enjoy!

P.s ignore the link to the post i put up recently, I deleted the first one but will re-post as soon as i have time!

P.p.s. don't you love the hat? I made the man in the store re-open just so that I could have it!!!

P.p.p.s, I am going through a sock phase, like I have so many if you see me trying to purchase another pair, inform the relevant authorities....Interpol maybe?

Top: i forget (as in I can't remember, it isn't a funky designer brand)
Shorts: Brick Lane
Hat: Vintage
Shoes: Barratts (are they in administration now?)
Socks: H&M


  1. the hat is awesome!!! hats off to you!!

  2. wHAT a splendid comment, i used to HATe you but now i am BRIMMING with love....