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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Embrace the braid

I braided my hair because I couldn't deal with the stress of trying to look like Kelly Rowland every morning. I unfortunately have too many books to read. I am embracing my Nefertiti, Lauryn Hill (insert afrocentric female here) thing...now if only I could sing....I could make a few buck singing outside a station on the Northern Line somewhere... 

 I also cannot seem to let go of my summer shorts or shoes despite the fact that I had the annual summer/winter wardrobe re-jig....It is truly a calamitous turn of events. I promise I will stop posting them erm sometime erm soon....OK late October MAX or as soon as frostbite becomes a real concern!

What can you not let go of....?

This is my Naomi

Here I am wishing someone would buy  me new summer shoes 

This is my 'i'm tired from the library face'

Jumper: I bought during the summer but have no clue where from
Shorts: Brick lane
Shoes: i think you already know
Bag: River Island
Bangles: Collected over the years, I actually found the cream one under my bed two nights ago

P.S if anybody wants to contact me I will be putting up an email address soon. Or if you just can't wait 'holla at me' in a comment...although hollering is for wolves....


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