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Monday, 2 August 2010


Now I am all for online retailing. I embrace new ways for me to feed my addiction partake in my hobby. I can shop AND watch Project Runway at the same time....gettatta taaaan!

So in 2007 when I discovered a little known website called ASOS.com I fell in love. Our eyes met across a cluttered bedroom. Much like this one...

Two star crossed lovers embroiled in  the dance of love   the honest exchange of goods and services for consideration
That was until we fell out with each other over
a)Asos Africa / cultural highjacking
b) Asos  ‘reclaimed vintage’ / daylight robbery
c) When the models stop looking less Christina Millian and more Christina Needstoeat.

However like any old flame the fire never fully burns out so I thought OK...why not pick up these cute leggings...free next day delivery...yes please!

I visualised these jeggings...

With this top...

And these boots....

Why did you decide to lie to me Mr ASOS...now I am going to have to get all Kelis on yo ass!

Two days and one abusive email later STILL no jeggings. Not impressed! It is less As Seen on Screen and more...

Au revoir’ ‘Sianara’ ‘On yer bike’ adioS


  1. Isn't it?!?! Do you see me selling badly made, overpriced fish and chips in Lagos?!?!

  2. Lol. I shouldn't laugh with you but I will because I too dislike asos!!