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Thursday, 5 August 2010

I don't be-weave it!

I love Naomi as much as the next girl..i mean sometimes those pesky personal assistants just deserve a blow to the face with a mobile phone....no? GBH you say?!?

Misdemeanours aside you have to admit nobody rocks a waist-length weave quite like Naomi...until it made her hair fall out....!

OK, it sounds like I am hating..in truth I love Naomi, i love that fearless (if a little violent)...'you can take the girl out of Streatham but you can't take the Streatham out of the girl' way of life! I even love the unexplainable Hertfordshire-like accent that she uses but most importantly I love that she made Tyra Banks cry...but then again what doesn't make Tyra Banks cry? ANYWAY!

I need your comments and general feedback on her most recent courtroom hairstyle or as one of my good friends put it 'her testimonial weave'

As you may well know I am a big fan of Vintage but can it really apply to hair??

However, whatever we may choose to say about Nay-Nay we must always keep in mind that she didn't do THIS...

Until further notice though I think Nay-Nay should stick to this look!!



  1. that is quite a weave, but i think it could be worse. vintage weave? yeh why not.

  2. NayNay is a baadd chick! Also chuckled at her "posh" accent...I think she was going for "demure" with the hair...lol

  3. The baddest! I love her unapologetic audacity. She is what like 6 court cases down and 40 years old and still manages to get paid to work, which is a lot more than can be said for Ms 'I have never had to yell at a girl like this' Banks.

    Cool blog btw...you sound like me, on a good day!