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Saturday, 28 August 2010

Floral Executive

You know what I am going to say...my Mum is amazing and so is http//blazerwhore.blogspot.com 

 I finished work officially on Friday! Words cannot express my ecstasy needless to say I am NEVER doing a job like that EVER again!!

Although I did get to wear whatever I wanted within reason.See above.

I am moving on to a new chapter in my life and I will keep you updated on every step of the way.

I have learned that everything in life is for a season be that work/ a certain group of people/ trouser skirts. Always take something away from each experience.

Each stroke of experience you encounter all contributes to the portrait of life....until next time guys!!!

Trousers: Vintage
Top: Mummy
Jacket: Mummy
Shoes: I've had since 6th form...(not acceptable)
Bag: Cerrutti ( i salvaged from my mothers over-zealous charity giving hands)
Earrings: A little shop in Kingston


  1. those trousers are gorgeous! such a pretty outfit :)

  2. Thank you ladies! Go forth and raid your own mother's wardrobes...

  3. love love love those trousers, gorgeous!

  4. those are my trousers!! thief!! okok fine maybe you never stole them. I am going to stop giving you things. forever.