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Monday, 23 August 2010


Did I scare you? You weren't expecting me were ya?????

OK I suppose as you are on my blog you probably were. DARNIT! The internet takes the surprise out of everything!

Realisations of the month....life is GOOD when your mum is a fashionista/should have all of her bank cards taken away from her.

Look what she got me!!!

SO I was going to wear it with a little blue dress and funky fishnets but apparently that was 'inappropriate' for a daytime bbq..so I wore this instead.

Jacket: Mummizzle
Jeans and Shoes: Topshop
Top: H&M
Flower: A Bush
Clutch: Borrowed probably.

Inappropriate version of this outfit coming soon!!!

Byezie byes!!


  1. you're not allowed to blog if you haven't called me. sorry. the divorce is official. please don't come by again. the end.
    p.s. i am keeping your gift.

  2. Thank you muchly SFTN...

    Nicola, why with the aggression eh???