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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Dressing up!

I made a dress guys!!! O.K. 'made' slight exaggeration...let's try again. I amended a dress guys!!!! I took a 80's print summer/ granny dress and made it into a swinging 60's Twiggy-esque dress.

Proud..I know you are!! I am too.

So maybe I don't really have a sound grasp of length quite yet....and one half of the dress is stitched in green and the second half in white and I 'forgot' to hem the sleeves/fell asleep but it is completed!!!

In honour of my walk through the decades I did the photos in black and white....

This is what the dress USED to look like..

And tonight Matthew...I'm going to be.....TWIGGY

We are TOTALLY twins right? No? Well at the very least we have both mastered the 'I don't even want to look at the camera because I am too cool' look.....

And here I am doing an impression of a tree...tree/twig geddit?

Fast forward to 2010...we have digital cameras, colour TV's, X Factor and erm...food which explains my less than 'twiggy' physique!

Although in this picture I look like I have been having those psychedelic mushrooms they used to have in the 60's 


  1. the dress is so pretty. good alterations :)

  2. Aaaaaw thank you! I was V. proud as you can tell because up until about 6 weeks ago I couldn't sew buttons on to clothes..:-s

  3. i love the dress, its so beautiful. well done!!!

  4. omg so this is what my absence has caused!! can you make me one??? i'll bring you back and nba player!!...

  5. *an nba player. i am capable of spelling. i promise. onestly. i no haw too spel.

  6. WOW! This is soo cool! I love it!! the pics and the dress!

  7. Neks2U thank you! I really tried but I can't take credit for the pics though I have an ace photographer! I checked out your blog btw...we can TOTALLY be friends as you clearly share my unhealthy obsession for shorts!

  8. @Blazerwhore..... gow awey, unless you can have the NBA player air freighted here in the next 24 hours!

  9. oh dear. i can't. the americans won't let me ship anything after the cherry incident of '10.

    However, I have been thrift shopping...lol [karla can suck it] and i found the cutest dress ever [BOUGHT IT] now erm it needs taking in. i hear you do that now....