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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

My first giveaway

Bad blogger apology.

Yes I have been absent *slaps own face and goes to sit on metaphorical naughty step*. In my defence I have had a manic week, a visit from the 'ole big sis and I have been trying to formulate an all-encompassing master-plan for my life plus tons of other un-exciting grown-uppy things like 'rent review' and 'job applications'.

I also made a pretty obvious  shocking discovery that anything shiny/pretty/colourful/floral can drastically alter my mood for the better. This clearly has the potential to transform major life experiences for me e.g. helping me forget that I am in labour or distracting me from the depression I'll probably experience as I hit middle-age but enough about me here's the giveaway info....

To all of you lovely boys and girls of the blogosphere I have decided to give away this sparkly black dress/top. It is a size 12-ish but it is quite loose fitting and can be styled to fit most body shapes.

To win:
1. Follow this blog (Either twitter, bloglovin or blogger)
2. leave a comment here with your name and email address
3. I'll pick the winner on the 1st June 2011
I'm going to use a random generator to pick the winner (because apparently rock paper scissors is outdated)

Have fun and get entering!!


  1. great top! already following on bloglovin : )


  2. Hi hunni already following on bloglovin. Will also follow on Twitter!

    Great give away!xx


  3. love it, i am already following you.


  4. ooo really pretty! already following - lola x


  5. such a cute hat! i really love your style :)

  6. Hi there, love! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I really appreciate it, and I'm definitely following you back.

    Hope to see you again soon! =)